Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the order process like?
A: You can add items to the cart and proceed to the checkout. After the payment, please register the following friend code for the best trading experience: 1891-2413-7282 My 3DS name is Stef and my in-game name is STEF!!!. If you have a Facebook account, you can proceed to send a message with your order number, in-game name, and friend code through the chat or directly to facebook.com/pokeserviceofficial. If I am online at the time of your purchase we will most likely be able to trade in a few minutes after. If I am offline at the moment, I will message you back as soon as I can trade. Alternatively, you can send me a message using the Contact Us form in case you don’t have any access to Facebook. When we are both online I will register your friend code and get online in the game. We will trade the Pokemon you ordered for anything you don’t mind losing.

Q: I’d like to buy a Pokemon now. Are you available?
A: Please check the time for GMT+1. Although it can differ day by day, I am usually available in the evenings. Feel free to send a message through Facebook to see if I can trade right now.

Q: You weren’t available at the time of my purchase, when can we trade?
A: The easiest way to setup a trade is to either wait for receive a message from me or send me a message via email or Facebook. Please try not to send multiple messages in one day. I will usually have some time to trade every day.

Q: You are online on Facebook / you said you would be able to trade at this time, but I don’t see you online in my game. Why is that?
A: That’s probably because I frequently need to delete friend codes. Otherwise, it gets too cluttered and I don’t know who is who anymore. If you send me a message, I will probably show up online in a few minutes.

Q: Where do you live and what is your time zone?
A: I live in The Netherlands, so my time zone is GMT+1 (CET). I am 1 hour ahead of the UK, 6 hours ahead of New York, 9 hours ahead of California, and 10 hours behind Sydney, Australia.
Q: I just placed an order. Now what do I do?
A: You will receive an order confirmation with instructions soon.

Q: I just placed a custom order. When will it be ready?
A: That depends on the amount of orders I have and the amount of custom Pokemon you requested. In general, the Pokemon will be done anywhere between 3 and 36 hours.
Q: Do you have [insert Pokemon] listed?
A: You can start by typing in the Pokemon’s name in the search bar. If you can’t find it, I don’t have it at the moment. You can place a custom order here to get the Pokemon you are interested in.
Q: Are your Pokemon legit?
A: Yes, I breed/catch the Pokemon myself and they can be used in all online features: Pokemon Bank, Battle Spot, Online Trading, and the GTS. Keep in mind that the following Pokemon are always banned from the GTS:
Q: This Pokemon doesn’t have a blue pentagon. Is it hacked?
A: No, the blue pentagon only indicates that the Pokemon is caught or bred in Generation 6 (X/Y or ORAS). A legitimate Pokemon can be transferred from a previous generation and it will not have a blue pentagon. A Zapdos with Defog for example will not have a blue pentagon since it can only learn Defog with the Gen 4 HM.
Q: Can you customize the OT and ID of a Pokemon?
A: No, I breed/catch the Pokemon myself, so the OT and ID cannot be changed.