Ian - "I first found Stef selling on ebay, but he's now moved to his own site, I assume because ebay doesn't like the sale of digital products. His service on ebay was brilliant and I have now used him via this website. This is every bit as good. You can purchase with absolute confidence, he is very friendly and efficient and provides exactly what he says and what you order. The pokemon are uploadable to Pokemon Bank and therefore also usable in online competition. I highly recommend this service, ideal for getting that last rare pokemon or just the shiny you've always wanted. (I never forgave Nintendo for not providing a transfer from the first generation to second, and now I have a shiny Gyarados again!)"

Damien - "Like another reviewer here, I first found Stef on ebay and have since followed him here. Absolutely excellent service, reliable, clear communication, and amazingly fast ( especially considering difficult custom orders that would take me weeks to get myself) One of the really impressive things about this service is the fact that these pokemon are all genuine and legal online (can be used in competitions and pokebank). If it wasn't for this service I simply wouldn't have the time myself to obtain these pokemon. So a massive thank-you Stef! And to everyone else, I couldn't recommend this service enough, absolutely superb."

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