#889 - Zamazenta
#889 - Zamazenta

Note: Zamazenta will be traded in its Hero form. Iron Head will be replaced with Behemoth Bash in battle.

All Sword and Shield Pokemon have 6 perfect IVs. Level 100 Pokemon are EV trained and lower leveled Pokemon are untouched.

My info:
In-Game name: Stef
Time zone: GMT+1 (The Netherlands)

#889 - Zamazenta

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Dustin B.
Canada Canada


Definitely happy with my experience. Pokémon arrived as requested and a quick response was given! The only thing I would say is that I have noticed with my last three purchases my account has not been updated for PokeDollars spent and I am not earning the points that the site advertises for future discounts/prizes towards your next purchase.